Fractals are recursion! Ever wondered what do you do when you write a recursion code? Well, I’ve something much physical and much exciting in regards with recursion. Recursion means to repeat, and what happens when you cut a line in three parts, make the center part shaped like a pyramid and repeat? You get this:… Read More

So you came back to your college or in a new network and all of a sudden your GIT gives some error. Well, there can be several causes. One of those which I faced recently was proxy. So what’s the breakthrough? It’s pretty easy. Open your git bash and enter following: git config –global http.proxy… Read More

Well, so I was working on my B.Tech Project when I had the need to update the real time data in a database. So the obvious choice for `MySQL`, following that the connector used was JDBC. ( Those who want to learn MySQL, visit W3Schools. ) ( People with issues in JDBC, Google! You’ll get… Read More

Stay techy, stay healthy.

So one day I was surfing through the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to know the latest things that people want to make, and more people want them to make it 😉 And whoa! Sense. Know More. Sleep Better. And I was like what stupid thing is this. Soon after, I started feeling myself stupid to call a… Read More

So everyone needs to know how GIT works, or just how one can use GIT. So here we follow simplest steps to setup GIT and work easily with the version control and code sharing. No description, no extra words, simply the steps ( only for Windows ). [Steps 1-3 – to make an account to… Read More