So you came back to your college or in a new network and all of a sudden your GIT gives some error. Well, there can be several causes. One of those which I faced recently was proxy. So what’s the breakthrough? It’s pretty easy. Open your git bash and enter following: git config –global http.proxy… Read More

Well, so I was working on my B.Tech Project when I had the need to update the real time data in a database. So the obvious choice for `MySQL`, following that the connector used was JDBC. ( Those who want to learn MySQL, visit W3Schools. ) ( People with issues in JDBC, Google! You’ll get… Read More

Stay techy, stay healthy.

So one day I was surfing through the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to know the latest things that people want to make, and more people want them to make it 😉 And whoa! Sense. Know More. Sleep Better. And I was like what stupid thing is this. Soon after, I started feeling myself stupid to call a… Read More