So one day I was surfing through the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter to know the latest things that people want to make, and more people want them to make it 😉 And whoa! Sense. Know More. Sleep Better. And I was like what stupid thing is this. Soon after, I started feeling myself stupid to call a project, with so much crowd-funding, stupid.

Quoting them,

We created Sense to be simple, uncomplicated and useful. Sense is the first system that combines the insight of your sleep patterns with the data of the environment in your bedroom, including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air.

Doesn’t it look and feel wonderful? It helps you sleep!

Soon after, I was googling more and more about such great products, and no later I found that there are so many amazing products in the market, which can make us live better, by making us Healthy. Just a few years back, the only apps available for fitness and health were those like one which measured how many calories you burnt walking all along, and the one which helped you keep a check on your calories. Eventually, the technology expanded, and now all the Lords of the Earth ( Google, Apple etc. ) are launching health products.

The latest version of iOS is so inclined towards health, same is with Windows too , and in the last Google I/O, Google announced Google Fit (Google failed with Google Health last year though).

Apple Healthkit (SDK)

Google Fit (SDK)

Microsoft HealthVault

Qualcomm Life – Wireless Health

Samsung Healthcare – Redefining ultrasound for women’s health

And no less are the startups in this field. Lab-on-a-chip startup Cue, Therapists-on-the-cam startup iCouch, electronic-medical-records startup Practice Fusion and more.

Hope I get time, and you’ll enjoy one more post on Health Startups. Interesting, huh? 😉

And finally a lot of apps! More ideas coming up which you can browse on the crowd-funding websites like or just Google!

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